The Endorphins Effect

Hitting the gym tends to be my stress outlet and I find it, without doubt, the most effective therapy for stress relief.

All of us have experienced a hectic set of circumstances in our lives at one point or another.  Maybe you experience stress every day of your life.  This stress can lead to sickness, depression, and make you feel overwhelmed.  Therefore, how can you combat this nagging daily stress?  One answer is exercise.

Stress comes in both physical and mental forms.  The severity of stress placed upon your body depends on your job, family, and life obligations.  Exercise will benefit nearly everyone from a mother of five to a single on-the-go professional.  You can find a form of exercise to suit your needs whether you have just ten minutes of free time a day or can hit the gym regularly.

Exercise has the potential to be a highly effective stress reducer. Following are common questions, excuses, and solutions regarding exercise in our daily lives.

How does exercise affect the body?  Won”t it make me feel tired?

On the contrary, exercise has been shown to increase “endorphins”.  Endorphins are the “feel good” chemicals that are linked to an elevation in mood.  This endorphin kick can be akin to eating a chocolate bar.  Chocolate has caffeine and hits the pleasure center in our brain.  Exercise is similar in that blood pumps faster in our bodies increasing the oxygen supply to our brain.  This endorphin rush is why many exercisers become addicted to exercise.

Exercise has long been an antidote to stress. It takes your mind away from the stresses of daily life while you engage in any activity that raises your heart rate.

An added benefit to exercise is that it will help you sleep better at night.  For many people stress wreaks havoc on their lives by causing insomnia.  Make sure, however, that you don”t exercise too close to bed time.  The rise in activity and heart rate that exercise brings should be completed at least three hours before bed time, if possible (if you can”t schedule your workout early enough for this, it”s still better to workout than not to!).  Each person reacts differently to exercise so test out different exercise times and see which time works best for you.

How am I supposed to find time to exercise when my day is already filled to the brim with chores, kids, work, etc.?

Before you brush off exercise time, take a closer examination of your day.  Do you have down time?  Do you spend time watching television?  Many people watch television during the course of the day. This television time could be exercise time instead. Record your favorite TV shows and watch them later after you have exercised. Time exists for exercise; it is just a matter of making time and placing value on your exercise program and overall health.

What type of exercise should I do to relieve stress?  I don”t want to  purchase an expensive gym membership.

Good news… You don”t need to sign an expensive gym contract to get your exercise in for the day. You can exercise from the comfort of your own living room or head outside and enjoy the fresh air. In my upcoming Flat Abs Formula fat loss course, you are provided with a number of routines that can be done at home, as well as guide to cheap home equipment.

So crank up your favourite music and make the living room your personal stress-busting fitness centre!

Get friends or other members of your household involved too. Exercising with a partner will help you to keep on track. This accountability is a great defense against skipping your workout.

Reduce your stress with exercise.  It is a natural way to energise your body and calm your mind. Make exercise an integral part of your daily living. You will be glad you did as you enjoy each day, stress free… and with the right type of exercise you”ll get a hot body in the process!

I really feel there”s nothing like taking a heavy barbell to my daily aggravations to put them in their place…Who else uses exercise as a stress reliever?

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  • Todd Midgett

    Man, I’m so glad to see you write this. I did a video blog about the same thing called Couch Potatoes. It drives me nuts when I hear people say they want to get in shape but have every excuse in the world for not doing it. That burger and fries may not kill you today…but you never know when the next one is the last one. It’s time to get real w/ yourself people and follow the advice here. Exercise does as much for your mind as it does your body and I know I would go crazy if I didn’t workout everyday.

    Great post Charli

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