The notion of identity has evolved. There is no longer a line between the physical and digital ‘us’.

Identity is about expression – what we like, what we care about, what we stand for. We do it on the streets, on social media, in video games. We do it through our clothes, through posts, filters and avatars, through wearing our fandom (literally) on our sleeves.

Identity is also about consistency – the ability to take what matters to us, across all the environments we exist in.

At Charli Cohen, our mission is to give people a way to express identity freely and fluidly, everywhere.

Charli Cohen was born out of a need for evolved clothing and progression within the fashion industry.

We make NEXTWEAR: looking to the future of fashion, aesthetically, in terms of technology and in terms of sustainability.

We manufacture limited quantities of physical fashion in London, Leicester, Porto and Shanghai. We source premium, responsibly produced technical textiles from Milan, as well as upcycling from military surplus and tacticalwear. Learn more about our production process and sustainability initiatives here.

We create digital counterparts to our physical fashion, to be experienced in-game, in AR, VR and across the metaverse.

We are dedicated to a healthier, more inclusive creative industry. Learn more about our mental health awareness initiative, Shades Of Blue.