SHADES OF BLUE EP01: Colin Moriarty

After MUCH delay, prep and unforseen extra-busy-ness we are excited, proud and a little nervous to finally launch our Shades Of Blue Podcast!

Colin Moriarty is an entrepreneur, podcaster and ex Senior Editor at IGN. You can listen to and support all of his work at Colin’s Last Stand on Patreon.

And here is the interview itself (also available on your favourite podcast apps under Shades Of Blue Podcast, we hope – drop us a message if not!)…

Please excuse the audio inconsistency, this is our first podcast – both us and our kit will get better! 🙂

We have also collaborated with Colin on an exclusive patch for The Forge. Inspired by mission checkboxes in a video game, the Mission Complete patch is informed by our Shades Of Blue interview with Colin and how he manages daily tasks with his anxiety.

All proceeds from sales go towards to the continued growth of our Shades Of Blue platform, providing support, community and raising awareness for mental health within the creative industries. Check it out here.

We’d also like to give a big thank you and shout out to Pete Bill for our intro/outro music.

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