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As a fashion-trained personal trainer, bringing fitness and fashion together is a goal of mine: I would love, one day, to set up a chain of uber-trendy gyms, each incorporating a fashion boutique, stocking my own luxe sportswear designs. I’ll keep you posted – you may just want to sign up!

I’m sure that I speak for a number of ladies (and very possibly, a few gents), when I say that in terms of getting one’s posterior to the gym, there’s little more motivating than a stylish gymwear investment. This could be as minimal as a pair of statement lifting gloves, or it could represent an entire new outfit. All can be tailored to your personal levels of shopoholism.

And however this new gym attire may manifest itself, it invariably works the same magic.  Your enthusiasm skyrockets, your energy levels rise- quite literally- in leaps and bounds, and your workout is on fire! There is simply no denying the gym-miracle that is fashion.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the premise for my eponymous sportswear label, Charli Cohen.

So, all that’s left to say is… if you have a passion for fashion, shopping and general wardrobe expansion, embrace this to your motivation-fuelling advantage, and invest in a spot of gym chic!

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