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Tell us what you..
Do for a job? When home in New York, I model sportswear. I collaborate with athletic and casual-wear leaders to share personal style and fitness insights. When in the Philippine Islands (a third of the year), I am Instructor Director at Electric Studios (First Indoor Cycling in the country).
Do for fitness? Power Start on the Nike Training Club app, Indoor Cycling (at Soul, Electric Studio, or IMAXShift). I like workouts that let me use my own music or a really great fitness experience, these are always my go to’s.
Do for fun? I make travel plans. There’s so many beautiful places to experience in the world. I have a million travel alerts on my hopper app, so when I’m ready, I’m gone.

Best adventure you’ve had? My ultimate adventure to date is my move from Texas to New York to pursue my vision of fitness and my love for sportswear. It took me 2 months, from the initial thought of changing my life, to selling everything I owned and buying my one way ticket.

Best adventure you’d love to have? Travel the world – country to country, sharing my personal sportswear style through creative platforms, working out with people filled with good vibes and amazing music taste, and eating high quality, delicious foods. LET’S GO CHARLI!!!!!!

Tell us about [personal brand/what you do]: My personal brand is NWMW. It stands for Now Watch Me Work. This is very sentimental to me since it is what I named my blog when I first moved to New York. It’s where I started sharing the big promises I made to myself about making an impact on the fitness industry. Knowing that I was sharing my plans online made me feel like I had to follow through with my word. NWMW means accountability to me.

How did you start? I began posting wishful words on becoming a sportswear model as well as writing about what I was learning when expanding my fitness knowledge. I believe good music, healthy food, and fun workouts can change lives. I was doing all I could whenever I could to make it happen. Then it materialized, I started to feel that my actions, no matter how small, truly mattered. Big dreams/projects that I wanted to be a part of started to come alive.

Why did you start? I’m worth all my effort to have the greatest life. Well-made athletic and casual-wear is my passion and I have a clear vision on how I want pieces to feel, and how the looks I share are put together.

Biggest love (what do you most love about what you do)? It makes me feel good to share what I love and I also love being creative through the entire process.

Biggest challenge? It always feels like there’s not enough time.

Fun fact about yourself: I LOVE RIHANNA. She’s one of very few people that I can honestly say can do no wrong. I love her come up, kindness and how she presents all that she is.

Top tip for someone wanting to start a business: Who and what we surround ourselves with on a daily basis is very crucial to our growth. If you’re like me, you feed off creativity, authenticity, and positive energy. It helps me to act with more purpose and keep my focus on achieving rather than what can’t be done.

MC wears the Project Y Coat in pink.

Check out MC’s (awesome) Instagram + website.


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