4 Tips for Body Confidence

I’ll hazard a guess that if you’re here, reading my blog, you have an interest in changing and improving your physique, your health, your fitness, or all of the above. Now you may have heard me talk a fair bit about the importance of psychological side as well as the physical side of things and this is what I want to focus on in this post…

Here are my 4 top tips (I’d like to use an acronym, but I’m not sure ‘ACEC’ has a great ring to it…)

1. Accept.

Accept your unique physical form and own all the wonderful muscles, bones and curves that make you who you are. If you have a particular inspirational person that represents your ideal body, ensure that they’re the same height and build as you, so that your physique goal is realistic.

2. Celebrate.

It’s hard work to stay healthy, active and motivated. Show off your favorite body part and celebrate your health and fitness. You’ve earned it!

3. Experiment.

Understand that what works for others may not work for you. Experiment to learn which foods are most satisfying and energising for you and which workouts are optimal for your body type and schedule. Develop a routine that’s motivating, fulfilling and easy to stick to.

4. Challenge.

When you hit a plateau in your body, health or fitness goals, step up your efforts and try something new!

So there you have it. Brief maybe, but this pretty much covers it. If you need a hand with experimentation and challenges, come visit me at my other website – Train With Charli.

And a question for you: What’s been the biggest body confidence challenge or success for you and why?

2 replies on “4 Tips for Body Confidence

  • Meg

    Just found your blog Charli and fell in love 🙂 This was the first post I have read and love the way you write <3 What a great post! It is so true, we need to accept US – we need to STOP comparing and just be happy the way we were made 🙂

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