Doing it with Adrienne LDN

Tell us what you…
Do for a job? Personal Trainer, Fitness Blogger, Model
Do for fitness? I really enjoy running, but my workouts also include resistant training, HIIT training and stretching.
Do for fun? I love music, I listen to music 24/7! Oh and dancing.

Best adventure you’ve had? Motherhood.

Best adventure you’d love to have? Oh there are so many. I’d love to explore more of the world. There are so many places that I’ve never seen. I’d love to run (literally) around the world!

Tell us about what you do: I share my love of fitness and wellness over on my blog, I lead fitness events and motivational talks. I’m also a featured fashion columnist in UK Women’s Health magazine.

How did you start? I started writing posts about my training, active style and healthy recipes.

Why did you start? I wanted to share my ideas and also to inspire other people to live a more active life. I never expected to gain so much from writing a blog, but it has lead me to meet some wonderful people and I’ve had so many incredible opportunities.

Biggest love? I love encouraging people to be the best version of themselves – whether it’s a fitness goal or a career/life ambition. I’m lucky that as a personal trainer I get to meet lots of people and I enjoy coaching them to reach their goals. Last year I was invited to do a motivational talk about confidence. I absolutely loved it and I’m planning to do a lot more.

Biggest challenge? The biggest challenge for me is managing my diary. I have a young son and so family commitments take first priority. I am a ‘yes’ person so sometimes I take on too much. The work/life balance can be tricky.

Fun fact about yourself: I used to be a professional dancer and I performed in the West End musical ‘We Will Rock You’ for two years.

Top tip for someone wanting to start blogging: Do it your own way. Never compare yourself and never imitate others. There are no rules, it’s your blog so make it whatever you want it to be.

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