What’s your fitness DNA?

What’s your fitness personality? A recent fascinating article about DNA suggests that our genes could determine how much we enjoy exercise and which types of training is best suited to us. Our bodies are all unique, find out what works best for you and you’ll never dread a workout again!

Take our slightly less scientific, but equally accurate fitness quiz to figure out which workout style is best for you.

Q1. How would you describe your weekly workout schedule?

A. Random. There’s no plan, you just workout if and when you feel like it but it’s no biggy if you miss it.
B. Hot and cold. Some weeks you train everyday other weeks your only cardio is running late.
C. Jam packed. You’re always trying out a new class or signing up for another charity run.
D. Consistent.

Q2. When do you prefer to workout?

A. In the evening. It’s your time to unwind after a busy day.
B. In the morning. Start as you mean to go on right? (and get it over and done with)
C. The weekend. You meet your friends for an 80 mile cycle. (AND you finish first!)
D. Late morning, the gym is empty and you can workout in peace.

Q3. What’s on your workout playlist?

A. Ibiza chill out anthems.
B. Beyonce on repeat.
C. Everything from Pop to Dancehall and old school tunes.
D. Rock & Metal.

Q4. Who is your best workout buddy?

A. Your sister/bff.
B. Your personal trainer. (It’s a love/hate relationship)
C. Everyone at the gym.
D. You workout alone.


What is your go to active wear?

A. Grey, chic, simple.
B. You don’t care, it’s only going to end up drenched in sweat.
C. Neon trainers and the latest CC leggings. (You love a post workout insta selfie!)
D. All black, head to toe CC.


When are you most motivated to exercise?

A. Summer. You’re all about those beach fitness retreat vibes.
B. January. New year means new you. (again!)
C. All year round. You want to be active for both your body and mind.
D. Every damn day.


Which of these are you most likely to sign up for?

A. A quite retreat with no wifi and a vegan menu.
B. A muddy obstacle course.
C. The latest dance fitness midnight rave class.
D. A one to one personal trainer gym session.

Q8. At school you …

A. Organised a sponsor walk for charity.
B. Made up excuses to get out of doing P.E.
C. Were captain of the netball team.
D. You didn’t go to school.


Q9. What’s in you gym bag?

A. A book about mindfulness.
B. What gym bag? This is my day tote bag with a pair of trainers shoved in the top.
C. Women’s Health magazine.
D. A Japanese fashion magazine.

Q 10. What is top of your fit goals list?

A. Mastering crow pose.
B. Droppong a dress size.
C. Meeting a celebrity at the gym.
D. Catch all the Pokemon.

Drum roll please, if you answered mostly . . .

You use exercise to relax and de-stress. You know the importance of a healthy work/ life / workout balance. Your relaxed approach to training means that you really enjoy your workouts. Keep up the good work! Try yoga, hiking or swimming.

When it comes to fitness, you go hard or go home. You want to see results! You’re not afraid to work hard but you get bored easily and sometimes lack motivation. Signing up to challenges or fun runs could be good to keep you on track. Try HIIT training, boxing classes or obstacle courses.

You love it all! You have tones of energy and you motivate others to join you and get active too. You like group exercise classes and you know everyones name at the gym. Try spinning, dance cardio and Voga (a mixture of Yoga and Vogueing, yes this actually exists!)

You are Charli Cohen !