I’ve often wondered, if I were given a blank canvas and limitless bounds to design my dream gym, what would it be like? Well, let’s see…

State of the art equipment would go without saying – all the cool stuff you hear about but have never, ever seen provided in a UK gym.

A holistic approach to wellness would be top of my agenda. An on-site nutritionist, chiropractor, osteopath, acupuncturist, functional medicine consultant… And whilst we’re at it, how about a restaurant with a resident chef that creates amazing healthy meals for every dietary need.

A little (or a lot of) luxury wouldn’t go amiss either, so let’s throw in a spa, beauty treatments and a professional blow-dry after your post-workout shower. Plunge pools & saunas in the changing rooms for good measure.

Imagine if such a gym existed…

Well, apparently, someone’s beaten me to it. And then some.

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KX (pronounced ‘kicks’) is much more than just a private health club. It’s an all-inclusive lifestyle, encompassing every aspect of wellness, boasting a team and approach that’s more up to date with the latest innovations in fitness and nutrition science than any gym I’ve ever experienced. Top that with mega luxury and you have a winning formula.

Last week, I met Fitness Manager and general fountain of wisdom, Gideon Remfry, at a spectacular SW London location: the impressive chunk of Chelsea’s Draycott Avenue that houses KX.

Over a heavenly breakfast of protein pancakes created by KX’s talented resident chef, Alessandro Verdenelli, Gideon and I chatted at length about our shared interests in fitness, nutrition and the importance of a ‘lifestyle’ approach to wellness.

Protein Pancakes KX Chelsea

Inspired by his brilliant Judo coach Raymond Coulthurst, Gideon began his fitness journey aged 8 and there’s been no stopping him since. With 20 years’ personal training experience under his belt, he is a UKSCA accredited strength & conditioning coach, nutrition therapist and functional medicine consultant to reel off just some of his impressive CV. Gideon also contributes expertise to major publications such as Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Vogue, Red and GQ. And…with some very cool guest posts in the pipeline, I’m honoured that he’ll be adding my blog to his list! So keep an eye out.

Every new member of KX undergoes a detailed and comprehensive wellness assessment, analysing antecedence (root causes), triggers (what ‘switches on’ certain behaviours) and mediators (what sustains these behaviours). Delving beyond your standard gym PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) into, nutrition status, system imbalances, wellness history, emotional barriers and lifestyle limitations, KX are nothing if not thorough. An in-depth fitness and wellbeing plan is then prescribed accordingly: this could anything from a chiropractor/ART trainer collaboration to rehabilitate an injury, to a meals-on-wheels breakfast delivery to set you up for the day. Each plan is progressive, taking things one smart step at a time in order to facilitate sustainable and permanent lifestyle changes. The lengths KX go to in order to perfectly treat and accommodate each and every member are above and beyond anything I’ve ever come across.

The latest string to KX’s bow is just one more example of their exceptional attention to detail. Born out of a desire to provide a simple, complete nutrition supplement, ‘KX 365’ is a super-slick pull-out pack containing an all-inclusive multivitamin, an age slowing antioxidant, energising CoQ10 and brain boosting Omega 3.

Small KX 365

With my own upcoming wellness consultation and training session to document, some very exciting guest blogs to come from Gideon and the amazing opportunity to shoot my sportswear collection on location at KX, stay tuned for more on my new favourite place in London!

In the meantime, peruse the KX website, follow them on Twitter and check out their great YouTube channel.

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