No fads allowed!

There’s always a new fitness trend, a buzz word and expert plan to follow. We have apps to track our steps, super shots to boost our immune system and who knew we needed to top our cereal with bee pollen!? Here’s the low down on four fitness fads to avoid.

  1. The juice diet. Of course we’re not saying no to drinking juices. Grabbing a juice on the go is a great way to get a vitamin hit as well as being mega delicious. However, some recent juice diets suggest drinking only juices for up to 10 days. As well as being incredibly boring and anti social, dramatic changes in diet have proven to be detrimental to weight maintenance in the long run. Also remember if you’re making your own juices at home, fruit is very high in sugar (and yes, natural sugar is still sugar). Don’t get carried away throwing the whole fruit bowl in there. Instead, add some spinach, kale or cucumber.
  2. HIIT. When it comes to HIIT training, less is sometimes more. There are great benefits to HIIT training but it can be tough on the body, especially if you’re training four or more time each week. HIIT workouts can increase levels of cortisol in the body, leaving you feeling stressed and fatigued. Cortisol can also weaken your immune system too. We are all mega busy these days so sometimes a short gym session is the only option. Try to incorporate a variety of workouts into your routine, include some low impact exercise as well as cardio and stretching.
  3. Avo on everything! Is the whole world obsessed with avocado? Yes I know it’s ‘good fat’ and ‘superfood’ and green, but . . . a lot of people are now adding avocado to pretty much every meal. A large avocado is between 300-400 calories. Say what?! That’s more than a four fingered Kit-Kat. Go for half an avocado, remember sharing is caring.
  4. Free from. It’s great that so many places now offer free from options for people that need them. However if you do not have an allergy or intolerance to a particular to ingredient like gluten or dairy then you really don’t need to switch to free from. Sometimes when recipes are gluten free then may replace the gluten needed to bind the food. For example, gluten free brownies are more calorific than regular brownies. Just because something is gluten free doesn’t make it a ‘healthy’ option.

So, when it comes to fitness fads, it’s definitely okay to not be ‘on trend’. Your training and your diet should be unique for you. Find what works for you and always do your research before making changes to your diet. FYI Twitter is not a certified source for research. Damn!