CC Making A Splash

Last week we packed our poolside essentials and flew to Morocco for some vitamin CC. We filmed a series of brand new workouts for ThatGirl London as well as shooting a pretty epic underwater edit. ThatGirl’s resident photographer Nina Shaw worked her magic behind the camera, whilst Sophie & Adrienne put their CC swimwear to the test.

If you’re in need of some summer sports luxe inspo, we’ve got it covered! Head over to instagram and search #ThatGirlMorocco

Marrakesh is such a beautiful place, the whole squad have fallen in love and are already planning their return.


Traveling is an amazing way to get inspired, it’s a change of pace and a welcome interruption to routine. Thanks to the internet we can now travel vicariously through our favourite bloggers instagram feed and seek out the best places to grab a coffee on the other side of the world. Where ever you’re heading this summer, if you want to share the journey, make sure that you’ve read the CC list of hacks for travel and swimwear snaps…


  • Plan ahead. Pack specific outfits instead of ‘options’. Less is more when you’re traveling as you don’t want to be that girl with a coffin sized suitcase and three bags balancing on top of it. Take some thin layers just incase the weather doesn’t live up to expectations and say yes to accessories! A great pair of shades or headscarf will take you from travel chic to poolside glam. Winner!
  • Try something new. One of the best things about traveling is discovering new things. Find something unique to share about the place that you are visiting. Whilst dining in Marrakech we tried pigeon cinnamon pastry pie. It was surprisingly delicious!
  • Share what you see. No one wants to see a bunch of sunburnt selfies. Turn the camera around to capture the views, the colour of the sky, the roads that you wandered down and the things that you’ll want to remember.
  • Find the light. Experiment with natural daylight, sunrise, sunset, shadows and sun streams.
  • Experiment with different cameras. iPhone shots are great and using Instagram and snapchat is probably the quickest way to share your trip in real time. We shot high quality images and video content with a DSLR, we shot underwater with a waterproof GoPro as well as some treading water with a disposable Polaroid. That is some serious camera commitment.
  • Don’t over cook it.  Share as much or as little as you want to but just don’t over do it.

We can’t wait to share the latest ThatGirl workout series with you all … stay tuned!