CC Guide to Surviving London Fashion Week.

It’s that time again . . . London Fashion Week has begun. Throughout the next 5 days we will see 83 designers showcase their AW16 collections. LFW is iconic and a highlight of every fashionistas calendar. A week of early starts, catwalk shows, celeb spotting and late night parties. . . but what does it take to create a LFW show and how do the pro’s handle the pressure?

First up, I caught up with fitness and fashion model Kimberley Hartwell. @KimHartwell

Q1 – Kim, you looked stunning in Charli Cohen’s LFW catwalk show last year! How did you prepare for the catwalk?

– It’s part of my day-to-day life keeping healthy and keeping in shape as a fitness model. You never know when you’re going to need to get your abs out at castings and on jobs. There’s isn’t anything I particularly changed in my fitness routine to be honest before doing the show. I kept up my consistency at the gym. I like to train 4-5 times a week. I usually do a combination of strength training, HIIT, boxing, running and yoga. I like to do what makes me happy so I’ll listen to my body and do what workout I feel like accordingly. The other girls in the show have the most incredible bodies and were genuinely truly inspirational girls. This definitely helped with keeping the gym motivation up on the lead up to the event. I usually swear by the 80:20 rule with nutrition – eat well 80% of the time, 20% it’s ok to fall of the wagon. I was probably a little more on it with the good stuff on the lead up to the event.

Q2 – As a fashion & fitness model, what 3 essentials do you have in your bag at all times?

– My essentials. . .
Number 1. BeatsByDre wireless bluetooth headphones – they’re an absolute dream for working out without the fuss of wires. The key to a good workout for me is some banging tunes to spur you on.
Number 2. Deodorant – my life is a vicious circle of getting hot and sweaty. I always carry deodorant for the times between classes or workouts when I don’t get a chance to shower.
Number 3. Healthy snacks – my days are hectic so I need to keep myself going in between meals with healthy snacks. I usually have a banana, apple, nuts or natural energy bar to keep me ticking along throughout the day. If I’m having a particularly full on workout I’ll take my NEAT hemp and pea vanilla protein powder to mix up a shake post-sweat sesh – also happens to taste delicious!

Next up . . . Mollie Anne Mae – Make Up Artist @ The Fix Agents.

Q1. What is a typical day for you during London Fashion Week?

Every LFW day is different; if I am working on a show/running a team I will start at around 6am and finish anytime between 9-10pm. If I am attending shows and events I will head to the later afternoon shows and parties in the evening. It’s full on from start to finish.

Q2. What is it really like to be backstage during a LFW show?

Being backstage is a totally different world. It’s manic, fun, stressful and spontaneous. It’s a seriously super buzz! Fills me with adrenaline and really makes me and the team push for perfection for each designers vision.

Last but not least, our very own Charli Cohen.

Q1. As a London fashion designer, what do you love most about LFW?

– It’s great to see the new crop of young designers and their work. It’s inspiring to see that are still new, fresh ways to do things.There is so much creativity at London Fashion Week.

Q2. After months of designing, planning, casting etc how do you prepare on the day of your show?

-I’ve learnt to expect the unexpected. You have to be prepared for shit to go down and make sure that you have a contingency plan. It’s a long day so I take food with me. I know that there’ll be no time for lunch breaks on a show day. Once the show begins, it’s a huge feeling of relief. All of the work has been done and at the point and I can step back and watch. It’s wonderful when the collection is well received and the show is a success.

So there you have it . . . 

Essentially, it takes a team of people, hours of planning and hundreds of soya lattes to survive the week of mayhem. The models walk, the bloggers blog and all we get a glimpse into the world of fashion. If you haven’t got a ticket this year, you can watch footage from LFW streamed by the London Fashion Council across 60 outside screens. Join the fashion lovers, celebs and the models behind the scenes on Twitter @LondonFashionWk & @BritishFashionCouncil. Keep your eyes out for CC’s next fashion week show. . . there’s a huge surprise coming!